the johnny box

the johnny box | complete bathroom accessory set
the johnny box | complete bathroom accessory set

Introducing the

johnny box

an eleven piece bathroom accessory set containing everything a guy needs to get bathroom ready in a click

Everything You Need To Accessorize Your Bathroom

the johnny box™ eliminates the time & hassle of shopping for individual bathroom accessories. 
Available in blue or greythe johnny box simplifies the task of accessorizing your bathroom.

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eleven bathroom accessory set

When To Buy A
johnny box



You're not bringing your old bathroom accessories & need to buy new ones.  Remove the time & aggrevation of shopping for them. Get yourself a johnny box™ & be bathroom ready the day you move in.


Shower Curtain Liner

Your child is moving into an apartment. Your boyfriend's bathroom is lacking. Your  grandson just graduated. Make it easy on them & better for you. Show them love with the gift of bathroom readiness. 


Bathtub Mat

Living in a campus apartment, frat house or an off campus home is no excuse for an accessory-lacking bathroom. Don't get stuck with a stuffed toilet or a puddled bathroom floor. Get bathroom ready now. 

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Blue Box

johnny box: BLUE

Grey Box

johnny box: GREY

Meet The Eleven Accessories

Curated to outfit the 4 sections of the bathroom:
Shower - Sink - Floor- Toilet
johnny box
™ accessories were chosen for workability & function & designed to match most bathroom designs & color schemes. 
(Accessories are sold as a set and are not for individual purchase) 
click on accessory to learn more.

Shower and Bath

Sink Area

Toilet Maintenance

Bathroom Floor

A Dude-Bathroom Accessory Set

Let's be honest, when it comes to accessorizing their bathrooms most guys:

Have no idea what they need
Have no clue where to get them
Have ZERO (negative) interest in shopping for them

The johnny box™ is here to simplify this mundane and undesirable task with an updated dude-centric complete bathroom accessory set. It contains all the items a guy needs and none that they don't such as a tissue box cover, q-tip holder or a liquid soap dispenser.  
Best part is, we did all the work for you, all you do is click and you are bathroom ready!


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– Aaron R.... Brooklyn NY

Products were better than expected, the mat is super comfortable and the toothbrush caddy is great- colors matched my bathroom to perfectly.

– James P. Boston MA

My GF just hooked me (us) up with a johnny box, The bathroom looks great and she is happy

– Malik W. Greensboro NC

Just moved in and needed stuff for the bathroom, the johnny box team delivered all i needed, fast and convenient.

– Mateo S. Centre County PA

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