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Accessorize Your Entire Bathroom With a Few Clicks

Avoid the time, hassle & aggravation of shopping for individual bathroom accessories.

the johnny box, available in blue or grey does the work for you. All you need to do is click.

Just $45 For 11 Essential Accessories!

Meet The Eleven Accessories

Curated to outfit the 4 sections of the bathroom:
Shower - Sink - Floor- Toilet

Shower and Bath

Sink Area

Toilet Maintenance

Bathroom Floor

the johnny box BLUE contains: 

1.  BLUE shower curtain  
2.  shower curtain liner 
3.  dual shower curtain hooks (12)
4.  bathtub mat 
5.  BLUE sink caddie
6.  multi purpose tumbler
7.  toilet brush & base  
8.  plunger & base 
9.  BLUE memory foam mat
10.  step-pedal garbage can  
11.  garbage bags (50)

the johnny box GREY contains: 

1.  GREY shower curtain  
2.  shower curtain liner 
3.  dual shower curtain hooks  
4.  bathtub mat 
5.  GREY sink caddie
6.  multi purpose tumbler
7.  toilet brush & base  
8.  plunger & base 
9.  GREY memory foam mat
10. step-pedal garbage can  
11.  garbage bags

johnny box: GREY

When To Buy A johnny box

Great Gift

Shower Curtain Liner

Your child is moving into an apartment. Your boyfriend's bathroom is lacking. Your grandson just graduated. Make it easy on them & better for you. Show them love with the gift of bathroom readiness.

Gift A Box

Bathroom is Nasty

Dual-Hook Shower Curtains

Your bathroom is gross, you don't have a toilet brush & your shower curtain is moldy. You cringe when she asks to use your bathroom. It's time you upgrade your bathroom accessories. Its time to become bathroom ready.

Upgrade Your Bathroom


Shower Curtain

No one brings their old bathroom accessories to a new apartment. Remove the time & aggravation of shopping for them. Get yourself a johnny box & be bathroom ready the day you move in.

Get Bathroom Ready

College Town Living

Bathtub Mat

Living in a campus apartment, frat house or an off campus home is no excuse for an accessory-lacking bathroom. Don't get stuck with a stuffed toilet or a puddled bathroom floor. Get bathroom ready now. 

Buy A Box

Customer Five Star Reviews

We just gifted a johnny box to our Godson for a housewarming gift for his new apartment. He loved the box because as he said it contained “things I did not even know I needed”. We may have found our new go-to housewarming gift and will definitely be purchasing again!

– Pamela F, Boca Raton, FL

I ordered the johnny box to refresh the accessories in our children's shared bathroom. We had a great customer experience ordering the johnny box. The box arrived quickly at our home and being able to purchase all of the accessories in one box was a huge time saver. The kids love their "new" bathroom and I highly recommend the johnny box!

– Ari H., Riverdale, NY

My brother is a typical bachelor and it goes without saying that a clean and guest friendly bathroom is not on his list or priorities. It has gotten so bad that my wife refuses to even step foot into his apartment in fear of having"to go". It is for this reason that I took a chance and bought him the Johnny box as a gift. This simple and cost effective gesture transformed his once unusable bathroom into a facility up to the standard of my high maintenance wife Thank you Johnny Box !

– Dan R, New York NY

I just ordered the johnny box to outfit the guest bathroom in my new house, and I'm so impressed. The products are high-quality, especially for the price point. And I got everything I needed (some stuff I wouldn't have even thought of) without going to a store and staring at a million options in the aisles. I highly recommend this product for anyone looking to finish their bathroom without any hassle.

– Jenny K, Oklahoma City, OK

Purchase With Confidence

Refund & Returns


Feel comfortable with your purchase knowing that if you are not satisfied you may return your opened johnny box accessories within 14 days & unopened box for 30 days for a full refund.

Refund & Returns

No Hassle Exchanges

Shower Curtain Liner

If any of your accessories arrived damaged or defected, we will ship you a new one right away.  Please contact us ASAP with an image of the accessory needing replacement.

Contact Us

Safe Home Shopping

Bathtub Mat

No need to leave your home to visit multiple stores to accessorize your bathroom. We did that for you, all you have to do is click & we will you safely get you bathroom ready

Buy A Box

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