the johnny box

Memory Foam Bathroom Mat

Style, Water Absorbent, & foot comfort

19.8" X 31.5", 1.5 cm thick. fleece, polyester, mem-foam & PVC

Nothing like a like a little luxury for your feet while stepping out of the shower.
Available in the color (blue or grey) of the johnny box you selected.

Accessory Features & Tips


Luxuriate on the 1.5 inches of water absorbing memory foam sandwiched between a fleece micro-fiber top and a non slip bottom.


The memory foam mat's absorbent construction and non-slip PVC bottom will keep the mat in place and your floor dry.


Clean: Easy to clean in the washing machine with cold water and tumble dry, low speed or hang dry.


Additional: If your bathroom is big enough, pick up a second mat for the sink area at check-out.