the johnny box

the johnny box story

the johnny box™ was founded after I gladly volunteered to accessorize two bathrooms in our new place. How hard could this be, a few clicks or a visit to big-box retailer & i am done!

Yeah, no that didn't happen.

There were way too many choices. Accessories located across multiple store aisles and many different website sections. Zero guidance on what we really needed and no way to know how all the accessories would look together. Is a tissue box cover really necessary? Who is going to refill a liquid soap dispenser? My head was about to explode!

I thought to myself, there must be a simpler, quicker, more convenient way to do this. One click and presto! I am "bathroom ready". Well, there wasn't. And so I created the johnny box.

I hope my idea makes your move or accessory upgrade easier. Thank you for checking us out!

co-founder of the johnny box

picture of Steve, founder the johnny box

Our Mission

"To Simplify The Task Of Accessorizing Your Bathroom"

the johnny box
was founded to make life easier when moving to a new apartment or upgrading your current bathroom accessory situation. Most guys have no idea what they need, where to get them or frankly have any desire to purchase bathroom accessories. Have no fear,  the johnny box is here to do all the work for you. All you need to do is click and you are "bathroom ready".

About The Accessories

Yes, there are many bathroom accessory sets available. The thing is that most bathroom accessory sets are outdated, don’t have everything we need & contain accessories that are just not used in modern bathroom set ups. Let’s be honest, most guys do not want a tissue box cover or even have tissues in their bathroom. Most guys use body wash and do not need a soap dish. Guys would rather buy a new liquid soap than continuously refill a dispenser. It was time for an updated all in one bathroom accessory set & so we created one.
With that in mind, we segmented the bathroom into four categories and curated essential accessories for each of the following categories:
shower & bath
sink area
toilet maintenance
bathroom floor

Accessories were selected and tested for function, workability, durability & design. the johnny box™ accessories are everything you need to get ”bathroom ready “

Buy With Confidence

We did our best to provide enough imagery and accessory information for you to really know what you are getting before buying.

If for whatever reason you are not satisfied with your purchase, please feel comfortable knowing that you have 14 days to return your used accessories & 30 days for an unopened johnny box for a full refund.

Please reach out to us if you have any questions or concerns before placing an order and we will do our best to ensure a simple and pleasurable bathroom accessory purchase experience.

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