the johnny box

Grey Bathroom Accessories Set

$45.00 $99.00

the johnny box: GREY
Bathroom Accessories Set 
Contains the Following:

1.  GREY shower curtain
2.  shower curtain liner
3.  dual shower curtain hooks (12)
4.  bathtub mat 
5.  GREY sink caddie
6.  multi purpose tumbler
7.  toilet brush & base  
8.  plunger & base 
9.  GREY memory foam mat
10.  step-pedal garbage can  
11.  garbage bags (50 bags) 

$13 Flat Shipping not Included In Price

The johnny box simplifies the task of accessorizing your bathroom. With just one click your bathroom will be equipped with all the bathroom accessories it needs to get #bathroomready.

The johnny box: Grey Bathroom Accessories Set contains eleven essential modern bathroom accessories providing all you need to outfit the four sections of your bathroom. From the sink area and shower & bath to the bathroom floor and toilet maintenance, the johnny box has got you covered!

  • We ensure that you will be #showerready on the night you move in with our collection of shower/bath accessories including: GREY Shower Curtain, Shower Curtain Liner, Dual Shower Curtain Hooks & Bathtub Mat
  • Your sink area will stay organized with our stylish sectional Sink Caddie & multi-purpose tumbler (cup)
  • Keep your toilet flowing and clean with our toilet brush/base and plunger/base
  • Adorn your bathroom floor with our GREY memory foam mat and keep your floor clean with our step-pedal garbage can and garbage bags.

All of the johnny box’s accessories were carefully vetted and chosen for durability, workability and style – all the work is done, all you need to do is click!

Purchase with the confidence knowing that you have 14 days to try out the accessories products from the time it was received to return them for a full refund.

Enough with spending too much time researching online or going to a big box store only to be overwhelmed by the number of choices of bathroom accessories. The johnny box is your singular place to get all your bathroom accessories and will get you #bathroomready with a click.