the johnny box

Guys, Its Time To Get
Bathroom Ready!

The johnny box makes it super simple.
With just a few clicks, available in just 2 colors, you get
essential bathroom accessories
All you need. No BS!

Buy A BLUE Box
$110 $75
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$110 $75
Buy A BLUE Box
$110 $75
Buy A GREY Box
$110 $75

It Really Does Not Get Easier Than
To Get Your Bathroom Up To Speed!

"Everything You Need & Nothing You Don't"

We listened & curated the johnny box for guys. Our 11 accessories cover all the areas of a guy's bathroom.
You will not find a soap dispenser, tissue box cover or that little mat that goes under the toilet & you know why ;-) .

Meet The Accessories

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Why Is A Johnny Box Your Best Bet To Get Bathroom Ready?

  • the johnny box removes the time, hassle & annoyance of shopping for individual bathroom accessories.
  • Our accessories, will LOOK GREAT in your bathroom & are firmly constructed with many great value-added features.
  • the johnny box does not contain outdated under used accessories such as a tissue box cover, liquid soap dispenser and soap dish.
  • No need to leave your house to get all your bathroom needs.
  • johnny box accessories are made with eco-friendly and safe materials.

Get Bathroom Ready Now

A Few Clicks & You Are All Set!

Purchase With Confidence

15 day try it 100% Money Back Guarantee

30 day unopen Box Money Back Guarantee

No hassle, quick & easy accessory exchange

Accessories made with eco friendly & safe materials

The johnny box GREY Unboxed Let’s See What’s Inside!

Let’s See What’s Inside!

Value Added Features of johnny box Accessories

  • Dual Shower Curtain Hooks require no pinching and are simple to install and remove curtains.
  • Memory Foam Mat is 1.5 inches thick and super absorbent.
  • Sink Caddie has three separate compartments which can easily hold two electric toothbrushes, razor & toothpaste.
  • Garbage Can has a no touch, quiet closing step pedal lid & a removable garbage insert.
  • The Plunger’s Base has a handle to be used to reinsert plunger over the toilet to avoid the dreaded “plunger dripplets”.
  • Toilet Brush has stylish and breathable base & has a hidden tweezers for drain-hair removal.
  • Bathtub Mat has over 200 suction cups for bathing safety and foot comfort.
  • Shower Curtain Liner is made from eco friendly PEVA with weighted magnets to keep your floor dry.

When To Buy A johnny box
Apartment furnishing can be overwhelming, but when it comes to the bathroom, we take care of the shitty part; The bathroom. Whether you’re setting out on your own or helping out a buddy, buy some time and peace of mind. Get 11 bathroom essentials the easy way—in a single box delivered to your door.

Your Bathroom Is Nasty

Your bathroom is gross, you don't have a toilet brush & you cringe when she asks to use your bathroom. It's time you upgrade your bathroom accessories. Its time to become bathroom ready.

Upgrade Now
Moving To A New Place

You're not bringing your old bathroom accessories & need to buy new ones. Remove the time & aggravation of shopping for them. Get yourself a johnny box & be bathroom ready the day you move in

Bathroom Ready
Gifting A Buddy In Need

Your boy is moving into a new apartment. Your buddy's bathroom is lacking some bare essentials. Make it easy on them & better for you. Show them bro-love with the gift of bathroom readiness.

Gift a Box
College Town Living

Living in a campus apartment, frat house or an off campus home is no excuse for an accessory-lacking bathroom. Don't get stuck with a stuffed toilet or a puddled bathroom floor. Get bathroom ready now.

Buy a Box

Get Bathroom Ready Now

A Few Clicks & You Are All Set!


Q. Are Accessories available for individual purchase?

A.Short answer is no. At this time only the complete collection of 11 bathroom accessories are available for purchase. You may purchase individual or bundled add-on or replacement items. These items include: shower curtain liners, bathtub mats, garbage bags. These items may only be purchased with a johnny box™. As our company grows, so will the selection of johnny boxes, accessories and ala carte purchases.

Q. Will the accessories match my bathroom?

A.The accessories in the johnny box were curated with color schemes to match most bathroom styles. The Shower Curtain and Memory Foam mat are either blue or grey. The other accessories are white or clear. There are many images on the website showcasing the accessories staged in different bathrooms providing a good representation of how the accessories will look in your bathroom before purchase.

Q. How long will it take for a box to arrive?

A.We estimate that a box will take between 2-7 business days to arrive from the time of ordering. Boxes are shipped from New York using ground services. For more information, please view or shipping policy page.

Q. What is your refund policy?

A.Your satisfaction is important to us.. We want you to purchase with confidence and to be happy with your purchase. We have a 14-day return policy for an opened and used box. This means you may try your new johnny box accessories for 14 days after receiving your box & if you are unsatisfied with the accessories you may request a return and refund. To be eligible for a return, the items must be in close to the same condition that you received it, meaning no major damages, scuffs, scratches or stains. Unopened boxes have a 30 day after receipt no questions asked return and refund policy. Please visit our refund policy page for more information.

Q. Can I return or exchange an accessory if the accessory is damaged or broken?

A.Of course. We went to great lengths to test accessory quality and durability. We vetted the accessory manufacturers & partnered with the ones who value quality assurance. If an accessory arrived damaged, please email us an image of the damaged accessory to and we will guide you through the accessory exchange process. For more information please view our refund and return policy page.

Q. Are the Accessories made from safe non-hazardous materials?

A.Yes, all of the accessories in the johnny box are made from non-toxic eco-friendly materials. Visit the accessory description pages to learn more.